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Download to watch offline and even view it on a big screen using chromecast. When the decepticons board the autobots ship it takes a beating and crashes onto primitive earth and knocks. Oct 07, 2015 the war between the autobots and the decepticons begins anew on earth, in part one of the landmark pilot episode. The prior transformer television series, comic books and toys became known as generation 1 or g1 retroactively, and are now officially referred to as such by. The transformers season 2 episode 6 the immobilizer. A fifth season was aired in the united states but consisted entirely of reruns of previous episodes being told as stories by powermaster optimus prime. Especially season 2 strangely, i really enjoyed combiner wars and cyberverse. Vintage g1 cassette 2pack decepticons frenzy and laserbeak collectible figures. Comedy cute inspirational ministry movies music news popular popular hymns sermons devotionals. Two opposing factions of transforming alien robots engage in a battle that has the fate of earth in the balance. This ova dealt with the alternative combining abilities of the aerialbots and stunticons. Transformers g1 season 3 episode 2 the five faces of darkness part 2 by marvellect.

The transformers season 1 episode 2 more than meets the eye pt2. Daddy finger song transformers optimus prime, bumblebee,jazz,megatron,autobots, decepticons. Nov 23, 2011 transformers cyberverse s1 e1 fractured episode 1 transformers cyberverse. Of these, eleven of the autobots transform into cars, six of the autobots transform into minicars, and one of the autobots transforms into a tractor trailer truck, while three of the decepticons. Combiner wars the council prime wars trilogy episode 2. This kept it from potentially getting confused with the many other transformers cartoons which were airing simultaneously on the.

Transformers generation 1 episode 2 subbed online free. After swindle sells the components of his fellow combaticons, three kids get their hands on brawls brain, using it to make a. The movie, which would establish grimlock as a more regular character in the series starting with season 3. The war between the autobots and the decepticons begins anew on earth, in part one of the landmark pilot episode. The most extensive change was the title sequence, which had been entirely replaced with cgi footage also used in a contemporary toy commercial for optimus prime and ramjet. This article is about the worst episode of transformers ever.

G1 transformers 14 seasons complete 98 episode dvd box set format. However, the term has become semiofficial, as both hasbro and takara have referred to this era as generation 1. Feb 21, 2020 the dinobots were an insanely popular subgroup of transformers, so its no surprise that the dinocentric episodes of the g1 series would be some of the most popular. The episodes where bookended by scenes of powermaster optimus prime and a kid called tommy in live action with a stopmotion prime telling the episodes story. Tfarchive transformers cartoons transformers episode guide. Sentient robotic beings from cybertron crash land on earth, divided into two factions the autobots and decepticons as they both vie for energon.

Their main leader is optimus prime, but other primes have also commanded the autobots such as rodimus prime. Boasting a whopping 49 episodes and at the peak of its popularity, the original animated series then took the chance to explore and expand in radical, stunning and. The transformers season 1 episode 11 the ultimate doom pt1 brainwash. The transformers ep02 more than meets the eye part 2. Where the first season primarily functioned episodically but had a general continuity from episode to episode, which thus required they be viewed in a specific order, season 2 and its syndication goals saw this method of storytelling dropped in favor of singleepisode tales mostly without. But the decepticons stole the final scene of the episode, just to let viewers know that their evil was not yet crushed, and that the battles would go on. Vintage g1 cassette 2 pack decepticons frenzy and laserbeak collectible figures. This article is a featured article, and considered to be one of the most informative on this wiki. Nightbird, changing gears,a prime problem, atlantis arise,attack of the autobots, the microbots, the master builers, the insecticon syndrome, day of. Im aware of their flaws but the good outweighed the bad for me.

Dinobots 9 fire on the mountain 10 war of the dinobots 11 the ultimate doom. Transformers g1 season 3 episode 3 the five faces of darkness part 3 by marvellect. When the decepticons board the autobots ship it takes a beating and crashes onto primitive earth and knocks everyone. The transformers season 2 episode 8 atlantis, arise. However, for scheduling and advertising purposes, the series was rebranded the transformers. More than meets the eye 2 episode 2 optimus prime megatron bumblebee starscream soundwave dinobots jazz iron hide rachet ravage mirage wheeljack hound. The autobots werent looking for a fight with the decepticons, but they get one out in space anyway. Loves his sleek styling, contemptuous of other autobot race cars. List of the transformers tv series characters wikipedia. Cyberverse season 2 episode 1 in english on cartoon. Transformers g1 oversized mpp10 convoy optimus prime car toys g1. The headmasters with 35 new episodes, however, it ignores the events of the rebirth and is set in a different continuity. When this episode was rebroadcast in the fifth season of the transformers, it contained new bookending segments with original. Machinima transformers titans return animated series.

The first ever series of transformers toys features twentyeight characters in all. Constant war between the autobots and the decepticons on cybertron has caused great hardship. Season 2 has been regarded by many as the best season of the original transformers g1 series, from an allround storylineanimation perspective. The ensuing melee aboard the autobot ship ends when the ship crashes on a volcano. May 30, 2018 constant war between the autobots and the decepticons on cybertron has caused great hardship. The transformers is an american animated robot superhero television series which originally aired from september 17, 1984 to november 11, 1987.

Transformers cyberverse s1 e1 fractured episode 1 transformers cyberverse. Transformers episode 30 dinobot island 2 part 2 by dimmock. Transformers g1 season 1 episode 1 the five faces of darkness part 1. New characters are still occasionally added to the line, primarily by ehobby. Episode guides g1 production bible sounds videos promos wallpapers other beast wars the main focus of our cartoons section is the original 1980s transformers series, though if you check out other resources on the navigation bar above youll find some resources and links for other series. It is great to see all the old stuff back what i used to watch with the banners the transformers will be back after these messages, great to see and hear the voice that goes with it. This episode is the final onscreen appearance of the dinobots until the transformers. G1 transformers 14 seasons complete 98 episode dvd box set. All main transformers cartoon intros hd 1984 2018 g1 to cyberverse duration. The opposite of his mortal enemy optimus prime, he feels great contempt for other.

Megatron is the founder of the decepticon uprising, and their most wellknown and feared leader. Due to this, official episode guides, including those printed in transformers generations, offer no proper airdate for the episode. This is a list containing the episodes of the transformers, an animated television series. The transformers ep02 more than meets the eye part 2 video. Jul 22, 2014 the transformers g1 1x12 the ultimate doom pt2 search. The transformers season 1 episode the ultimate doom pt3 rivival. It was a line of toy robots that could change into an alternate form vehicles such as cars and planes, miniature guns or cassettes, animals, and even dinosaurs by moving parts into other places, and it was the first line of toys produced for the. Transformers g1 episode 95 the return of optimus prime part 2 by. Jul 26, 2014 the transformers season 2 episode 8 atlantis, arise. Generation 2 is an early1990s series that consists only of the transformers cartoon episodes rebroadcast with a smattering of cgi animation laid on top of them. Generation 2 also known as generation two or g2 was a transformers toy line which ran from 19921995, in conjunction with a corresponding comic book series and edited reruns of the g1 cartoon beginning in 1993.

It is the first part of season 2 of the transformers generation one series. The transformers episodes were aired uncut and unaltered for the first time since their original broadcast. As metaleating decepticon underbite demolishes crown. The movie, but since the film wouldnt be released in japan until 1989, they instead had an ova made, once again by toei animation called transformers. As arcee becomes a headmaster with daniel and spike pairs up with cerebros who becomes the head of fortress maximus, then kup, hot rod, blurr, cyclonus and scourge all become targetmasters. After season 2 was produced, toei animation worked on transformers.

All main transformers cartoon intros hd 1984 2018 g1 to cyberverse. This episode has a smaller number of decepticons in it than any other in the generation 1 series. Decepticon drama music of the transformers g1 series. Transformers g1 season 3 episode 2 the five faces of darkness. As a young, charismatic leader forged in battle and the heritage of war, he began to believe in a grand purpose for his raceit is the transformers glorious destiny to rule an empire which will span the universe.

Fanatic films transformers g1 fanmade cartoon 72,594 views 5. The transformers continued in japan as transformers. Desertion of the dinobots, part 2 transformers wiki. While the second season of transformers cyberverse has already started airing in other countries, it wasnt until yesterday, august 30th, that the first episode of season 2, sea of tranquility. The transformers season 1 episode 2 more than meets the eye. G1 transformers episode 1 popular christian videos. Transformers episode 1 more than meets the eye, part 1. Transformers generation 1 fleeing from the war that has raged on the planet cybertron for millions of years, the heroic autobots led by optimus prime encounter a surprise attack by the evil decepticons led by megatron. Oddly, its official japanese episode number is 31, which places it between february 7 and february 14, 1986 rather than among the marchbroadcast episodes. Generation 1 also known as generation one or g1 is a childrens toy line that ran from 1984 to 1990, produced by hasbro and takara.

Full season and episodes free online streaming fast high quality legal movies and tv television shows. Watch the transformers cyberverse season 2 marathon in one 3hour video. The transformers g1 1x12 the ultimate doom pt2 search. Transformers g1 season 5 season 5 of g1 transformers was a best of series featuring the main multi part episodes of seasons 14 and the movie in 5 parts. Alive the complete egotist, sunstreaker thinks he is the most beautiful thing on earth. Both need supplies, and select numbers from each side and intend to get them. The first of many series in the transformers franchise, it was based upon hasbros transformers toy line itself based upon the diaclone and microman toy lines originally created by japanese toy manufacturer takara and depicts a war among giant robots. Now for the most part, they did a great job on the transformers characters but those human villains are too far fetched. May 19, 2016 generation 1 music derived from various sources. Super robot lifeform transformers 1985 generation one, originally known simply as the transformers is the first series of transformers. Fall of cybertron g1 retro pack dlc xbox 360 gameplay new xbox 360. Transformers season 1 episode 2 12 video dailymotion. The autobots also known as cybertrons in japan are the heroes in the transformers toyline and related spinoff comics and cartoons. With frank welker, peter cullen, corey burton, christopher collins.

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