Q6600 stock cooler overclock software

My first post on this thread and i have a question can i overclock a q6600 with a deepcool gammax 200t and. The only thing you need to do to overclock a q6600 to 3ghz is cover the pin closest to the notch on the pcb as illustrated here. I bought ddr2667 which should be good for stock or up to at least 333 fsb overclock, right. Just after anyones suggestions, i been mostly a notebook kid so i dont know too much about cooling and overclocking. Im overclocking with a stock cooler quite comfortably. Frankly, im surprised that my intel d975xbx2 badaxe can overclock so well, and so easily. Help me overclock my intel quadcore q6600 windows 7. I would like to properly overclock my intel core 2 quad q6600 which is on a. I used to overclock my q6600 with the stock cooler. Scan highly recommends the following cooler, especially designed for overclocking your intel core 2 quad q9550 45nm cpu. When i swap in the quadcore, will the e8400 fan do the trick or.

Do not first change any volt settings as they will be auto adjusted by your mobo. There are lots of discussions about new processors, graphics cards, cooling products, power supplies, cases, and so much more. Cpuz keeps showing im running at 2000mhz because my multiplier is. Lga775 core2duo, core2quad overclocking guide guides. Right now, im getting around 55c 60c for each of the 4 cores when just sitting at vista desktop. I also wanted to test if theres any real difference in games especially cryis and other cpu intensive games,after. When you are using the stock cooler, it can make a huge difference to be able to undervolt, and still overclock. However, after reinstalling windows i cant get the thing to overclock above 2. First i want to tell that i only know a few basics about overclocking in biosand if.

Overclocking overclocking a q6600 with stock cooler. So ive been using an e8400 since 2008 with the stock cooler, never ocd, and recently got a used q6600 at a very good price. Overclocking q6600 with intel stock cooler anandtech. Replace the crappy thermal paste they give you with some arctic silver should help drop temps a bit, also ive placed the fans in my antec 900 to a position that allows maximum airflow over the. The kseries and xseries suffix designates that the frequency multipliers on the unit arent locked and thus allow for overclocking. I have done a bit of research but most of the info i can find about software overclocking is dated, so i figured i would ask you guys for your opinion. The go stepping is energy efficient 95w and will run cooler than the b3 chip. Actually, the q6600 is a really good overclocking chip, as long as you have the stepping 0 model. A good tool to do this is cpuz, or you can just use your bios.

However, as has been said, overclocking results can vary widely, even with the same chip. If i set my motherboard vcore to auto, it sets the voltage to 1. I want to play with wii emulator however so i should go past 4 ghz, i. You can adjust the power, voltage, core, memory settings, and other key system values for more performance. My question is, would the freezer pro suffice in cooling the cpu. Intel q6600 cpuram question ars technica openforum. I have the pc in another room however, made a hole in the wall price perfomance ratio ftw. Retail the northq siberian tiger water cooler is designed to be effective, reasonably priced and super easy to fit. Been running the q6600 on stock since the time ive got it was thinking of putting the core contact freezer to some use and overclock the q6600. My experience entails vcore, vdimm, fsbdram dividers, and very pertanent information to show users the dynamics and methodology of overclocks, in an attempt to help clarify assumptions and misconceptions about overclocking q6600 s and the type of clocks to expect given the specifications and cooling solutions provided.

Overclocking q6600 with coolermaster 212 hyper plus. It can also help with processorintensive tasks such as image rendering. Asus p5bnondeluxe one intel core 2 quad q6600 obvious 4 gb of kingston ram ddr2 400 mhz 1 stick of 1 gb on each slot nvidia gt 520planning to buy a gt 1030 500w psu it s uncertified and an unknown brand also i plan to buy 4 sticks of ddr2 800 mhz ram. Im trying to overclock my current system but im unable to find the multiplier on the bios of my p5q pro turbo.

Hello, im new in the overclocking subject and after reading of lots of oc. A capable cpu cooler is critical when attempting to overclock. As mentioned above, our intel core 2 quad q6600 also uses the g0 stepping. I have a q6600 and plan to overclock it sometime on a 650w antec something power trio. This generates a lot of heat, which may not be a problem if you. In order to overclock this processor, we selected two motherboards based on what are probably the most popular chipsets the core 2 quad q6600 is. As were overclocking a cpu that has a thermal design power of 105w at its stock clock speed of 2. Hi, i am just about to build a pc for a friend, q6600 on a gaex48ds4 motherboard, 4gb 800 6400c4dhx ddr2 ram, zotac 8800gt, 500gb hd, my friend has asked me to overclock cpu to 3ghz, i have read that i should be able to do this using just the stock cooler, my questionis, 1, is this true or would i have to put an after market cooler eg. The safety of using a stock cooler temporarily super user. My experience overclocking the q6600 a basic guide. All overclocking will have to be done from the bios via fsb multiplier adjustments. Overclocking q6600 with coolermaster 212 hyper plus i recently installed windows on my ssd, prior to that i had my cpu overclocked to 3. Overclocking is usually most useful for gamers, but is it useful to tease a little.

This is a hardware forced overclock, not a software bios overclock, which is very nice for users that have q6600 in oem dellhp systems that have no software overclock tools. Overclocking intel q6600 with a stock cooler windows 7 help forums. World records achieved by overclocking a intel core 2 quad q6600 processor. Overclocking intel q6600 with a stock cooler windows 7. Overclock the 680i sli q6600 questions 20110915 22. Since the stock fan is designed to run along with the cpu it should be completely fine if you dont do some vicious overclocking. With good air like a thermalright ultra 120 then 3. I have an asus tower air cooler, and just by touching the fins, i know that the temps are around 40c. Given all the recent threads in relation to overclocking on the p5ke and similar i thought i would write a guide to explain the basics to overclocking on this motherboard, this should also hold true in part to overclocking on other similar asus boards such as the p5kc, p5k premium, etc. Go for the freezer, to maximise overclock id suggest a aio water cooling. I read that you can pretty easily overclock it to 3. Overclock the 680i sli q6600 questions evga forums. Your software is reporting ddr speed, not ddr2 speed so.

Btw, i dont want to use a benchmarking stressing utility. It will shut down to avoid damage, but it is best not to. Obviously you need to assure your new settings adequate cooling with at least 30% more cfm of airflow over a stock coo. Overclocking intel q6600 with stock nvidia geforce forums. And with the stock cpu cooler you wont be able to overclock very high. Intel core 2 quad q6600 overclock pcmaclinux society. You cant use throttlestop to overclock your q6600 because that cpu doesnt have an unlocked multiplier. Our g0 q6600, surprisingly enough, couldnt really get much higher.

Im just wondering what the acceptable idle temperatures are for the q6600 using the stock heat sink and fan. I only wanna overclock a little bit which stays stable on stock cooling. Q6600 asus p5ke 2gb crucial ballistix tracers pc6400 44412 evga 8800 gt superclocked antec 900 case with 5x 120 mm fans and 1x 200 mm fan intel stock cpu cooler would i be able to overclock my system with this cpu cooler. Does it make sense to overclock workstations and servers. The 680 chipsets are not the best for overclocking quads so expect 3 gig and. If you have a stock cooler, overclock your processor to 33fsb which is 3. Of course ive taken a few measures to ensure that my q6600 gets the best cooling possible. Video cards bfg nvidia geforce gtx 260 oc maxcore 896mb pcie 2. I finished the whole process, from absolute clueless rookie to notsoclueless rookie w 3ghz in about. Stock cooling is the only option, and since the same stock cooler is used by the people who manage to overclock their 2. With a lower stock voltage compared to the b3 stepping, along with a huge test. Idle temperatures for q6600 using stock cooler anandtech. Overclocking a q6600 on stock cooling guru3d forums. No overclock is a sure thing though so go slow and careful.

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